Your financial path. We help guide you.

Managing your investments is only one piece of your financial picture, so we spend an equal amount of time on detailed retirement analysis, estate planning, tax analysis, and education planning. All these pieces fit together and are interrelated, and that is why we emphasize addressing all aspects of your financial situation. Affecting one part can have an impact on the others.

It takes a team of experts to help you live your best life; you have doctors, attorneys, and tax professionals you rely on to keep your life running smoothly. We are prepared to do the same for your financial future. Trapp Financial offers customized strategies to plan for life changes such as retirement, divorce, changes in employment, entering a caregiving role, or experiencing the loss of a loved one.




Your Values. Your Lifestyle. Your Goals.

What do you value? What matters most to you and your loved ones? We want to learn about you, your family, your career, and discover your hopes and dreams for the future. We assess your current financial state, listen to where you want to be, and help you define your goals.



Your Strategy. Your Roadmap.

Based upon your goals, expectations and comfort level, we will guide you through developing a strategy personalized for you. Our goal is to provide you with sound advice and help you simplify complex topics to provide you with clarity and confidence to move forward with your plan.



Your Journey. Your Path.

We meet regularly to monitor your strategy because as your life changes, your plan requires fine-tuning. We also assist you in navigating market changes to pursue your strategy is continuing to be maximized. Together we will hold reviews based on your schedule and needs.


Objective Advice

Our broker dealer, LPL Financial, does not engage in investment banking and has no proprietary products. This allows us to provide objective guidance. LPL Financial also has one of the industry's largest research departments, giving us access to a wide range of independent strategies that we can consider together.


Shared Responsibility

We believe that successful partnerships are those which have clear understandings as to our responsibilities as an advisor and yours as a client.

 Advisor Responsibility

  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Frequent communication with you
  • Reallocating* assets when circumstances change

Joint Responsibility

  • Determining investment objectives
  • Agreement upon types of investments selected
  • Monitoring performance
  • Determining taxable consequences

Client Responsibility

  • Providing us with all financially relevant information
  • Establishing financial goals
  • Notifying us of liquidity needs and expected cash flow
  • Informing us of any change in objectives or financial situation
  • Trusting our recommendations

*Reallocating and rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.